What is the Salvation Poem Project, and How Does It Work? 

Matthew McPherson, founder of the Salvation Poem Project, wrote the titular poem to be a simple, memorable six lines long. “You play the song, the Salvation Poem, to any child, sometimes one or two or three times, and they know the song already,” says Matthew. Since it was written, the poem has been translated into almost 100 languages and made available all over the world. The song was even included at the end of each episode in the animated series Super Book, a show produced by CBN in over 20 languages that follows children brought back in time to Bible stories. 

Now, the Salvation Poem Project continues to “Share Jesus with the world through song and story,” offering all their resources for free. They continue to translate the poem into more languages while also developing new resources, like the soon-to-come film and video game and the currently available New Believer Course

The course itself is available in 19 languages, with seven new languages slotted to be added in each coming year. The Salvation Poem Project has a global scale in mind, similar to Zúme’s goals to saturate the world with disciples. Trent Redmann, head of ministry partnerships at the Salvation Poem Project, shared on our podcast last month that his team “really depend on the people who partner with us who use our content for free,” providing the material for other organizations to promote and distribute in an effective symbiotic relationship. 

If you want to learn more about how Zúme and the Salvation Poem Project can support each other and bring more easily-to-learn resources to believers around the world, take a look at our podcast

What is the Salvation Poem Project? Trent Redmann came onto our podcast to share about the organization’s origin, goals, and current projects.