• Zúme.Vision Launched

    A new website focusing on communicating the global training and church saturation vision of Zume was launched

    November 2019

  • Zúme.Training Relaunched

    A fourth version of the Zume Training was released in English. This new version offered better access to training elements, group tracking, and personal progress tracking.

    Also, the first version of the offline mobile app for Zúme training launched in beta.

    October 2019

  • Location Grid System

    The Disciple Tools Location Grid System was installed as the framework for tracking Zume goals of 1 training and 2 churches within the Zume Training site and Coaching Network System.

    May 2019

  • Somali Training Effort

    Zume network trainers traveled to Somalia bringing Zume training on microSD cards.

    Spring 2019

  • Maryland Saturation Effort

    Leaders from the 24 counties of Maryland pulled together to imagine what it would take to start a training and church planting movement in Maryland.

    Fall 2018

  • Integration with Disciple Tools for Coaching Network

    Disciple Tools was added to the coaching network to assist coaches in connecting and following up with trainees who reached out for coaching.

    March 2018

  • Multilingual Zúme Training Launched

    Valentine's Day, a year after initial launch, a third full rebuild of the Zúme Training was released. This new site was fully multilingual ready.

    February 2018

  • Relaunched Zúme Training

    A new release of Zúme Training was released on a fully rebuilt new website. Word of mouth still drove growing numbers of disciple makers to experiment and train with the platform.

    June 2017

  • Online Training Launched

    On Valentine's Day, ZúmeProject.com was launched and simply by word of mouth we saw over 1000 registrations in the first few months.

    Due to many technical inadequacies in the training platform, the team began immediate work on a replacement training system.

    February 2017

  • Multi-Group Collaboration Begins

    MetaCamp, Big Life, Team Expansion, Jonathan Project and many volunteers worked to develop the core videos and training content. Collaboration focused on delivering multilingual online training of disciple making movement principles based on successful practices used in many global movements.

    January 2016

  • Project Envisioned

    The idea and name for Zúme Project was birthed from prayer for the nations and for the global church.

    April 2015