Love Means Obedience

Love Means Obedience

Love means obedience. Somehow the word obedience has come to have a negative connotation, but that’s just not true in the Bible.

Conversely, In the Bible, obedience is the flip-side of love; It’s the expression of love.

In several places, Jesus says, “if you love me you will obey what I command.”

1 John 5 says, “This is love for God that we obey his commands and his commands are not burdensome.”

In other words, to obey God is not some difficult duty that we have. It’s just the overflow of our gratitude for all that the Lord has done for us.

We need to to reclaim this idea of obedience.

In the Bible, obedience is the flip-side of love. It’s the expression of love.

Similarly, the word accountability somehow has come to have some kind of a negative connotation

But accountability is very important.

Before, we talked about the spiritual economy. In the spiritual economy we need to balance knowledge and obedience and sharing with others. This happens through accountability.


“Accountability Groups” are taught in session 1 of the Zúme Training.

Every time we’re together, we need to be holding one another accountable for:

  • What we know
  • What we’re doing with what we know
  • Who we’re sharing what we know with

Why do we hold people accountable?

We hold people accountable out of love for one another.

It’s because we love one another that we want one another to understand God’s will and God’s ways.

We want to be more intimate with him, to understand him more fully. Furthermore, we want one another to live the abundant life He has created for us or that He desires for us.

We want one another to have the joy of walking in those works that He’s prepared beforehand for us to walk in.

If we fail to hold one another accountable, we’re essentially saying that we don’t really care about your life, your spiritual life welfare, I don’t care you know that you’re living a joy-filled wonderful life with God.


In conclusion, both obedience and accountability are critical and we need to reclaim these within the body of Christ

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This concept is part of the “Multiplication Concepts” series by Curtis Sergeant. Consider working through the entire series and challenging someone you know to do it with you.

This same concept is taught in the Zúme Training course using video animation and is translated into 40 languages. The “Love means Obedience” concept is taught in “Accountability Groups” in session 1 of the Zúme Training.

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