disciple tools

A software for disciple making movements

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Demo @ www.Disciple.Tools


As a contact relationship management system, Disciple Tools is:

  • Unique – able to track and organize individuals or groups generationally.
  • Insightful – giving end-to-end dashboards, charts, and maps on contacts, baptisms, groups, churches, and movements.
  • Secure – restricting database access based on permission levels and specific assignments.
  • Federated – designed to host how and where you want and inter-link instances as desired.
  • Scalable – relevant for individuals, groups, or movements
  • Customizable – highly adaptable through settings, built-in modifications, external plugins, and requiring low-tech skills.
  • Multilingual – translatable, facilitating cross-cultural collaboration.
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    Disciple Maker (Multiplier) Dashboard
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    Contacts List
  • Space
    Contact Details
  • Space
    Groups List
  • Space
    Groups Details
  • Space
    Metrics : Critical Path
  • Space
    Metrics : Generational Mapping
  • Space
    Metrics : Saturation Mapping & Activity
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    (Optional) Network Dashboard

Collaboratively multiplying disciples and churches generationally