Two Miraculous Stories of God’s Response to Faithfulness in Ghana 

When a group of Ghanaian believers listened to God, they expected a response. They knew the words of Jesus, “My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me,” and they listened often in their 3/3 groups (John 10:27). “From this, they see visions, they hear God telling them to go places, and they go and find things as they have heard,” leader Isaac says. 

One such instance came when, in the process of following a vision to “a place where the Kingdom isn’t,” Isaac and his friends felt lost in the forest. The group heard someone cutting wood, approached, and explained their situation. “Let me get my husband,” the woman said, “to see if he could show you the way.” 

When her husband came, the group introduced themselves “as people who communicate the gospel.” The man sat on the ground and began to weep. 

“Twenty-five years ago,” he told them, “I accepted God, but tradition and family pressure led me to fall away. For decades, I have felt darkness around me, and now you come and say you are lost.” Isaac shared this man’s response: “You are not lost. It is God who is still looking for me.”

Again and again, Christians in Ghana make miraculous connections. New 3/3 groups and simple churches start from these interactions, and the gospel spreads. 

When two of Isaac’s disciples left to an unknown place, they were nervous. “But on the way, even before they entered the village, they found a woman gathering firewood.” Isaac shares how they greeted the woman, saying that they had come with good news. She asked to hear, “they shared their story and God’s story, and this woman said, ‘Please come and be my guest.’” They had found their person of peace, the gatekeeper who opened the door to the community. 

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