What does the Bible say about COVID [2021]

In these times of a worldwide pandemic, it’s important to know what God says in the Bible about crisis, fear, and hope.

These COVID-19 related Bible story sets were gathered by the 24:14 Network, a global community to finish the Great Commission, which Zúme Community is proudly participating with.

These Coronavirus related Bible verses cover topics of hope in times of pandemic, fear, why do things like the coronavirus happen, and where God is in this pandemic. Check out https://www.2414now.net/ for more information.

Hope During the Coronavirus Crisis

Why do things like a pandemic happen?

  • Genesis 3:1-24 (Adam and Eve’s rebellion curses people and the world)
  • Romans 8:18-23 (Creation itself is subjected to the curse of sin)
  • Job 1:1 through 2:10 (There is an unseen drama playing out behind the scenes)
  • Romans 1:18-32 (Humanity reaps the consequence of our sin)
  • John 9:1-7 (God can be glorified in all situations)

What is God’s response to a broken world?

What is our response to God in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic?

What is our response to people in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis?

Seven Bible Stories of Hope

Six Bible Stories of Victory Over Fear