Will Your DMM Training Be Enough? Back it Up with Action

Sometimes, we can be intimidated by the call to spread God’s Word. It is so much easier to collect knowledge, never speaking about what we have learned. At Zúme, we would compare that to breathing in without ever breathing out—faith without action, learning without sharing (James 2:20). 

Our reason for inaction makes sense to us: What if we do it wrong? But that thinking relies on the false assumption that we could know everything about theology. Our knowledge can never be expansive enough, and that’s a good thing! We don’t have to be the perfect leaders because we already have the perfect leader: Jesus. We can always lead from where we are, acknowledging that we are always learning more from our ultimate example (1 Cor. 11:1). 

“The Western mind loves training,” says Terry, a Western partner to the church in Ghana. “There’s an over-emphasis on knowledge, and not equal obedience, or learning to implement from the knowledge you learned.”

Isaac, a Ghanaian co-laborer to Terry, agreed: “The people who listen to you will not do what you tell them to do—they will do what they see you do. If we just train, that’s what they are going to do. . . .

“It’s time we do less sitting in the class to train. Let’s go out on the field and train as we practice.” 

We encourage you to never stop with signing up for our course and hearing the stories of others in the Zúme community. We want our tools to be taken out into the world and used. Be an active part of the movement! Let this be your push to start that journey today.