Zúme Cheat Sheet

Zúme Cheat Sheet
Zúme Cheat Sheet

All the Zúme training tools you need for your small group in one place!

We know that remembering all Zúme concepts can be overwhelming at times. Use our PDF Zúme Cheat Sheet and never forget a concept again.

What is the SOAPS Bible Study Method?
SOAPS Bible Study Method

What is the SOAPS Bible Study Method?

SOAPS stands for Scripture Observation Application Prayer Sharing. It’s a Bible study method that consists in learning from the Word of God, obeying what it says, and sharing what you learned with a friend. Find out more in Zúme.Training’s session about the SOAPS Bible Reading Method.

What is an accountability group?
Accountability Group

What is an Accountability Group?

Accountability Groups are made up of two or three people of the same gender that meet every week and go through a set of questions. These questions help shed some light on areas where things are going right and other areas that need to be corrected. In order to learn more about accountability and what questions are asked in these groups, make sure to keep reading…

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The Greatest Blessing
The Greatest Blessing

What is the Greatest Blessing?

It’s important to explain to new believers what the Greatest Blessing is.

  • It’s a blessing to follow the Lord
  • It’s a great blessing to lead others to follow the Lord
  • It’s a greater blessing to start a new spiritual community (new simple church)
  • It’s the greatest blessing to equip others to start new spiritual communities

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Build a Contact List for Sharing the Gospel
Build a Contact List for Sharing the Gospel

How to build a Relational Network of 100 Contacts?

Make a list of 100 people you’re in contact with. Next to their name, write down if they’re already a believer, if they’re a non-believer or if you don’t know. Your List of 100 can include family members, friends or co-workers that  you can share your testimony or God’s story with in the next 24 hours. Being faithful with the people God has already put in our lives is a great first step in multiplying disciples. Making a List of 100 is a simple tool in the Zúme toolkit that multiplies disciples.

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How to share your testimony
Sharing your Testimony with Others

How to Share your Testimony

Here are some tips on how to share your testimony with anyone

  • A Simple Statement: Share a simple statement about why you chose to follow Jesus. This works well if you’re a new believer.
  • Before and After: You can share what your life was like before you knew Jesus and what your life is like now. Simple and powerful.
  • With and Without: Do you ever wonder how you can share your testimony if you were a Christian since you were young? A “with” and “without” story could come in handy. Share what your life is like “with Jesus” and what it would be like “without Him”.

The 3 parts to sharing your testimony

  • Their Story: Ask the person you are talking with to share about their spiritual journey.
  • Your Story: Then share your Testimony shaped around their experience.
  • God’s Story: Finally share God’s story in a way that connects with their world-view, values and priorities.

Your testimony doesn’t have to be long or very detailed to be great. In fact, keeping your story to around 3 minutes will leave time for questions and deeper conversation.

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How to share the Gospel
The Gospel is God’s Story

How to Share the Gospel

There are as many ways to share the Gospel as there are people that you can share it with.

It’s because of this that it’s a good idea to adapt God’s story to the person that is going to be hearing it.

Think about what their view of the world is and what life experiences they had.

God connects people that are willing to share His Gospel with hearts willing to hear it.

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How to be a disciple of Jesus
Disciple of Jesus

How to be a Disciple of Jesus

A disciple of Jesus is a person that follows him, loves God, loves people and makes disciples.

In order to Jesus’ disciples, we must follow his teachings and do as he did.

Jesus said that all the law of the Old Testament and everything that the prophets taught could be summed up in two things:

  1. Love God
  2. Love people

If we do these things we are disciples.

If we teach others to do the same, we are disciples that make disciples.

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What is a simple church?
Simple Church

What is a Simple Church?

The word “church” is used in the Bible three different ways:

  1. The universal church: all the people who were, are and will ever be followers of Jesus
  2. The city or regional church: all the people who follow Jesus and live in or around a certain area of the world
  3. The church at home: all the people who follow Jesus and meet where one or more of them live

Simple churches are spiritual families with Jesus as their center and their King.

They are spiritual families who love God, love others and make disciples.

When many of these groups connect, they can form a city or regional church.

The universal church is made up of all the simple churches networked together into regions and stretches across history.

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How to find a person of peace
How to find a Person of Peace

What is a Person of Peace?

A person of peace is a man or woman of influence in the community that is open to the Gospel. People of peace aren’t necessarily Christian, but they open up their hearts and homes to the message that is being shared to them by a believer. In the same way, a person of peace can put you in contact with friends, family members, and colleagues that could be open to hearing the Gospel.

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What is prayer walking?
Prayer Walking

What is Prayer Walking?

Prayer Walking is praying to God while walking around. You can prayer two or three people or by yourself.

As you walk and pray, be alert for opportunities and listen for promptings by God’s Spirit to pray for individuals and groups you meet along the way.

Sources of Inspiration for your Prayer Walks

  • Observation: Prayer for things related to what you see.
  • Research: Read up on what’s going on in the area you’re praying for
  • Revelation: The Holy Spirit might bring an idea to mind
  • Scripture: Pray about biblical passages that come to mind

What to Pray for on a Prayer Walk

  • Government:
    • Pray over government centers, police stations, courthouses, etc.
    • Ask for God’s wisdom over the area’s rulers so they can judge with justice.
  • Local Businesses and Commerce:
    • Pray for righteous investments and good stewardship of resources.
    • Pray for God to help those who might be struggling with their business.
    • Pray for new work opportunities for the area’s neighbors.
  • Education:
    • Pray over schools, universities, vocational training centers, community colleges, and other educational centers.
    • Pray that God would not let educators turn students away from the truth.
    • Pray that people that attend these education centers would serve and lead their communities.
  • Communication:
    • Pray over TV stations, radio stations, newspaper publishers, etc.
    • Pray for the Gospel to spread throughout the city and the world by means of these mediums.
  • Spirituality:
    • Pray over churches, mosques, and temples.
    • Pray that every spiritual seeker would find peace and comfort in Jesus.
    • Pray that people seeking the truth won’t be distracted or confused by false religions.

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What is duckling discipleship?
Duckling Discipleship

What is Duckling Discipleship?

Duckling discipleship is a way of following and leading at the same time. This discipling method denies the myth that you need to know everything before discipling someone. In the same way a group of duckings walk in line behind their mother, they all also lead the duck behind them.

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What is a prayer cycle?
The 1 Hour Prayer Cycle

What is a Prayer Cycle?

A Prayer Cycle is a 1 hour prayer method. It consists in 12 different prayer styles that last 5 minutes each. It includes giving thanks, praying through the scriptures, asking, listening, worshiping, etc.

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The Model Assist Watch Leave (MAWL) Method

What is the Model Assist Watch Leave Method?

The MAWL Training Cycle is used for maturing disciples through four distinct steps of spiritual growth.

The steps are:

  • Model: Give an example to the disciple of the practice or tool so they can know what it is.
  • Assist: Allow the disciple to learn the skill themselves.
  • Watch: Observe while the disciple becomes competent in all facets of a skill.
  • Leave: In this step, the teacher lets the disciple carry on by himself

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What is a three thirds group?
Three Thirds Groups (3/3 Groups)

What is a Three Thirds Group?

 A Three Thirds Group (3/3 Group) is one that divides their time together into 3 parts.

The 3/3 Group Format Focuses On:

  • Faithfulness to past leadings of the Lord
  • Hearing together from the Lord
  • Planning obedience in any guidance given by the Lord

The 3/3 Group Meeting Format:

  1. Look back:
    • Care and Prayer
    • Vision: Through singing or Bible verses, remind people of the vision to multiply disciples and 3/3 groups
    • Check-in:
      • How did you obey?
      • Who did you train?
      • Did you share your story or God’s story with anyone?
  2. Look up:
    • Pray
    • Read the passage:
      • What did you like?
      • What did you find challenging?
    • Read the passage again:
      • What does it teach about people?
      • What does it teach about God?
  3. Look forward:
    • Train. Obey. Share.
      • Pray and listen to God
      • How can you obey?
      • Who can you train?
      • Who can you share with?
      • Share your commitment with the group
    • Practice:
      • In groups of 2 or 3, role-play how you will obey or retell today’s lesson
    • Pray: End with prayer

The 3/3 Group pattern can be used in a simple church or a small group.

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For more resources and tools, download the Zúme Cheat Sheet PDF. It’s a quick reference of the main tools you can find in the Zúme Discipleship Training Course.

Zúme Cheatsheet
Zúme Cheat Sheet