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October 19, 2023

You Aren’t Just a Spectator. How can You Bless Others Today?

Imagine a football stadium full of people. Thousands upon thousands of people blur together in the stands, focused on the handful of players on the faraway field. Most are just watching, spectators only. Now “imagine a stadium where everybody’s playing.” That’s the image that Eric Derry, vice president of Team Expansion, asks us to consider.… Read more »

August 17, 2022

New Believer Course

Our friends at “The Salvation Poem” released a new believer’s video course. It is currently available in Brazilian Portuguese, English, Farsi, Italian, Luganda, Romanian, and Spanish. You can check it out and share it with new believers in your life at

April 30, 2021

The Importance of Story in Disciple Making

Zach Leighton with Reliant Creative ( interviews Tim Ahlen, a Zúme coach. In this episode, Tim shares his experience with Disciple Making Movement models, specifically highlighting Zume.Training. The insights Tim shares in this episode on church planting and disciple-making are invaluable. Photo by Matheus Bertelli on Pexels

April 17, 2020
Church Planting Movements Resources Coronavirus

Church Planting Movements Covid19 Response Resource Links

Here is a list of Coronavirus related articles and resources that may help you in your Church Planting Movement efforts. BIBLICAL  Crisis Bible Study Series on Covid General Bible Study Series Biblical Perspectives on Covid CRISIS RESPONSE  FAMILY HOUSE CHURCH (Small Groups) MOVEMENT COACHING MOVEMENT TRAINING and RESOURCE SITES (Longer-term) PRAYER OUTREACH to LOST PEOPLE … Read more »

February 17, 2020

The Only One: Living Fully In, By, and For God

We want to recommend “The Only One: Living Fully In, By, and For God” by Curtis Sergeant to the Zúme community and the wider movement family. You can get it free as an ebook or order a print version from This book is the result of a master trainer, who has coached and served… Read more »