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Zúme is a community of practice
for those who want to see disciple making movements.

We have ...

NO buildings, NO staff,
NO budgets, NO programs.

So what's left?

We are a band of brothers and sisters being transformed by God through loving God and loving others, aspiring to lives that are marked by immediate, radical, costly, obedience to Jesus.

  • Inwardly, we want Jesus ... to know him and be fully known by him.
  • Outwardly, we want to bless and be ambassadors of the knowledge of God and his love for the world. We want to see spiritual families give birth to more spiritual families in every neighborhood in every city.
  • In practice, we want to think differently about making disciples who make disciples. We seek to prioritize Jesus' ways, doing the things he did in the ways he did them and releasing practices, processes, and strategies that we don't see him doing.
Explore a great introduction to these ideas that inspire us through our free online training.