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Great, Greater, Greatest Blessings

Our map is filtered by a concept we call the great, greater, and greatest blessings.

It goes like this: "It is a blessing to follow Jesus. It is a great blessing to lead others to follow Jesus. It is a greater blessing to start a new spiritual family. It is the greatest blessing to equip others to start new spiritual families."



(i.e. Knowing Jesus Better)
being baptized, studying Jesus' Great Commission, committing to obey a word from the Spirit

Great Blessing

(i.e. Helping Others Know Jesus)
sharing Jesus, prayer walking, discipling someone to follow Jesus

Greater Blessing

(i.e. Starting Spiritual Families)
launching, building or leading: discovery bible studies, home churches, a DMM training groups

Greatest Blessing

(i.e. Helping Others Start Spiritual Families)
coaching someone to: lead DBS, home church, or training group; coaching someone in disciple multiplication; joining peers to labor for a multiplying movement

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For identity protection, names and locations are obfuscated. what's this

Obfuscating Names and Locations

Our map is made public for two purposes: (1) encouragement of the movement community, and (2) feeding prayer efforts with real-time prayer points. We realize both encouragement and prayer do not need exact names and exact addresses. Beyond this security and protection of identity are essential.

For this reason we obfuscate names and locations, so security is protected, but prayer efforts can feel confident and connected to the kingdom steps listed.

Alias Facts:

  • These initials do not correspond to the actual first and last name of the person doing the action. No initials used are personally identifiable.
  • An algorithm is used to consistently generate the same alias for the same person, but with letters that do not correspond to their actual name.

Location Facts:

  • These are not personally identifiable locations.
  • Accuracy of locations have be reduced to between 11 kilometers to 111 kilometers, depending on the security level of the country.
  • Countries that are known to be hostile towards Christians are obfuscated most. (Top Countries)
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