How God Used Zúme to Strengthen and Multiply a Church in Denver

When Restoration Church first discovered Zúme through their pastor, Ron Johnson, they used it as a primary source of training for church leaders, members, and the leaders of their simple churches. Over time, they’ve boiled down the resources to their core elements to continue training more simple churches and participants. They also send Zúme videos to those struggling with specific concepts, either reinforcing or introducing ideas in a creative way that can break through confusion.

Restoration partners with many trainers overseas who “frequently use Zúme to explain concepts in those languages of the people groups they are reaching.” The 40+ languages in which Zúme is available provide an incredibly useful bridge not only for work abroad, but for the church’s local “international movement,” which includes participants from around the world. Their simple church movement is made up by people speaking around twelve different languages, and Zúme’s language capabilities help support, train, and encourage that movement. 

Ron also calls Zúme a “vision-casting tool.” “A lot of our work locally is helping churches begin to do disciple making movement work.” Restoration shares Zúme resources with local pastors, who are then encouraged to try out the tools with their own congregation or new groups. “It’s been a tool to get more pastors to embrace doing DMM [disciple-making movement] here in our local context,” Ron explains. 

These are only a few of the ways Zúme’s tools and resources can be used in a church context. If you want to get involved and start your own simple church, check out our free 10-session online training. If you want to hear more of Restoration’s story—along with many others from around the world—check out our podcast for more conversations with people using Zúme’s resources to God’s glory.