4 Zúme Bible Plans We Recommend on YouVersion

You may be familiar with the popular Bible-reading app, YouVersion. You may even be familiar with their Bible reading plans or used a few in the past. But did you know that Zúme now offers a number of different Bible plans on the YouVersion app? This is a resource about which we at Zúme are incredibly excited. 

To start, open your YouVersion app and tap on “Plans” on the banner at the bottom. In the search bar at the upper right-hand corner, type in “Zume.” The first few options to pop up will be our accountability groups. Chad Rehnburg, a member of the Zúme social media team, explains that these groups are “designed for two to four people of the same gender to jump in. You agree to read the same Scriptures, you do a daily S.O.A.P.S., you’re confessing sin to each other, and you’re praying for each other’s lost friends. And each of those accountability group pieces can walk you through the entire Bible.” These are a great resource, but if you’re looking instead for the pre-created Bible reading plans, just scroll past the accountability groups until you reach more varied thumbnail images. 

Zúme currently offers nearly 20 reading plan options, so how do you know where to start? We asked Chad which he would recommend, and these four came out on top. Here they are, in no particular order: 

  1. “Kingdom Prayers.” This 30-day plan is taken from the appendix of Curtis Sergeant’s book, The Only One, “a tool to not only grow as a disciple, but also to make and multiply disciples.” Each day includes a prayer and corresponding Scripture readings to help you learn the power of prayer to a powerful God. 
  2. “Kingdom Living – The Commands of Christ” is a 98-day plan which gathers together the commands of Jesus into bite-sized devotionals and highlighted Scripture references for meditation. This plan was also compiled by Curtis Sergeant, and provides a daily reminder to “run in the path of [God’s] commands” (Ps. 119:32). “Direct me in the path of your commands,” asks the psalmist, “for there I find delight” (Ps. 119:35). 
  3. “Come, Let’s Go! Discipleship in Evangelism” offers a one-week intensive almost like a college course, with corresponding Zúme videos for each day. Some organizations call the style of this plan, “Jonathan Training,” focusing on discipleship and evangelism. You can interact with any of our plans alone or with a friend, but this one may be a particularly helpful opportunity to bring a friend along with you for accountability, help with Scripture memorization, and discussion. 
  4. “Enduring Through Suffering.” These 50 days will guide you through Scriptures about “how God is going to make us more like Him and more mature in Christ through suffering,” as Chad describes it. Whether you need strength to get through current adversity or you want to be trained to endure future suffering that may come, these devotionals and selected Scriptures will bring you hope and the promise of God’s blessing. All together, it helps to answer the questions: “How do we walk faithfully through times of suffering?” 

These are only four of the many options that Zúme offers on YouVersion. Which one stands out to you the most? Consider engaging with the plans yourself or bringing a friend along to walk through the study together. Either way, we hope that you will find these resources as life-giving as we did. 

Photo by Viktoria Alipatova on Pexels