The Only One: Living Fully In, By, and For God

We want to recommend “The Only One: Living Fully In, By, and For God” by Curtis Sergeant to the Zúme community and the wider movement family.

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This book is the result of a master trainer, who has coached and served some of the largest church planting and disciple making movements in the world for more than 25 years. In this book you hear the heart and priorities of a unique leader in the field of disciple making and church planting movements.

We are not saved to sit. Knowing Him and making Him known is the life of a disciple.


The Challenge of the Book

Do you doubt you can actually make a difference in the world? Do you struggle with knowing how to express your faith in the daily routines of life? The Only One: Living Fully In, By, and For God shares simple approaches to grow as a follower of Jesus. 

Dive into the concepts and tools to find the connection between “being” and “doing” with God.  

Designed to be read, processed, shared, and used to equip others, The Only One is a tool to not only grow as a disciple, but also to make and multiply disciples. The book is about living out the purpose for which God designed you and having a great impact on the world. It’s time to experience life with Him and others, as a joyful and exciting adventure—read this book and get started! 

What Church Leaders Have Said

“In today’s me-centered and ego-driven culture, we desperately need this message. Written by my close friend Curtis Sergeant, The Only One brilliantly explains the purpose and power of God-centered thinking and the path to living a God-centered life. Read this book slowly and prayerfully, writing your responses in a journal. Then get a second copy for a friend and reread it, discussing it together. This book is transformational.” — Rick Warren, author of The Purpose-Driven Life and Founding Pastor of Saddleback Church

“This book may seem simple and basic, but don’t let that fool you. What Curtis Sergeant puts in this small book is actually the key to making disciples worth multiplying. The Only One is a window into the soul of a world changer who wants to make world changers for the Kingdom, so pay attention.” — Neil Cole, a catalyst for the global organic church movements and author of many books including Organic ChurchPrimal Fire and Rising Tides

“Experienced leaders know they can’t lead on empty. They also know that being ambassadors for God’s shalom requires one to be poured out daily, thereby requiring a constant need to be refreshed. Curtis Sergeant’s The Only One addresses this by helping one set the metronome of one’s heart and life to be in healthy rhythm and reliance on God to serve. More than just a one-time read, this book is a new tool on the dashboard of my life.” — Nate Vander Stelt, Executive Vice President, Global Alliance for Church Multiplication

The principal aim of life is to know God and respond to that knowledge.


Get and Give Away This Free Ebook

William Carey Publishing, in cooperation with author Curtis Sergeant, has decided to give away – for free – the ebook of his first book, The Only One: Living Fully In, By, and For God.

The free ebook will be available on indefinitely, and there is an opportunity for mission agencies (churches and individuals) to partner with us to offer The Only One as a gift to bless their networks. Let this free ebook be your gift to your network. And use it to bless your staff, donors, and staff’s donors.

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God calls us not to passivity, but to action — to join Him in the work of the Kingdom, now and for all eternity.