How a Disappointing Move Brought Freedom to a New Neighbor

When Tim and Abigail* were forced by the Covid pandemic to move back to the U.S. after just six months, they felt defeated. Their time in their chosen country had been filled with attacks from the Enemy, but Tim still struggled with the return after longing to do overseas mission work for his entire life. 

In the family’s current apartment complex, about 97% of residents are from India. “That has been a lot of fun,” Tim says, “new for us as we’ve tried to learn about that faith system, that culture, because it’s not like anything we’ve experienced. But we saw God.

“Within a couple of weeks that we moved there, we were having a family over because our daughters had started to play with each other outside.” While Tim and Abigail hosted their neighbors, “the wife was having these really bad migraines, and they gave [Abigail] a chance to pray for her.” A few days later, the couple took some time to fast and pray for their neighbor. That same day, she texted Abigail, “breaking down how all these difficulties were happening in her life. It was just perfect timing—my wife was able to go over there at that time, share the gospel with her.” The two women started studying the Bible together.

Late one night, about a week later, Abigail’s new friend came over unexpectedly. They sat down together and asked how she was doing. “There’s no other way to describe it,” Tim says, but she had “a demonic episode right in front of us.” They began to pray with her, and over time she “started feeling some relief.” 

The following night, she asked for prayer again. On the third night, Tim felt God saying, “Get ready. This lady is going to come into the kingdom tonight. Be in prayer and fasting.” Tim and Abigail did so, asked several believers to be there with them, and opened the door for their neighbor around 9 pm. “We prayed for about three hours with her and explained the gospel. She was at the point where she felt like she was going to die. She felt like she was being strangled and attacked at night by these demons.” In the end, though, their neighbor decided to accept Jesus. They were able to baptize her that night. 

“It was a really amazing example of God’s power exploding in that apartment complex,” Tim says. He and Abigail have continued to host neighbors and invite them to study Scripture together. Tim and Abigail are occasionally asked to help train local church bodies in using Zúme to continue sharing Christ with those they already know: coworkers, the people at their local grocery store, or neighbors. 

Explore the free Zúme training course to learn how to use 3/3 groups with the network that God has already put in your life. Always remember to pray for God’s blessing and power in your efforts, because as Tim reminds us, “it’s just Jesus who’s making these things happen.”

Photo by Serinus on Pexels