Get Excited! Simple Delight in a New Tool Led to Mobilized Prayer

Eric Derry cares deeply not only for his local community, but also for the world at large. His work as vice president of Team Expansion involves mobilizing people to get involved in the global church, so when Eric discovered the Prayer.Global tool, he got excited. Eric called his friend Chris, who encouraged him to create a challenge group online asking participants to pray through the world in 52 days. In five minutes, they had the group, launched with only eight students.

The participants quickly grew from eight to nearly 60 students. Using Prayer.Global’s interactive maps, participants prayed together through different locations on the globe, encouraged by the efforts of others. “52 days later, over 1400 prayer warriors had prayed through the world.”

“I didn’t recruit all those 1400,” Eric says, “but I did reach out to about 30. . . . I just said, ‘Hey, this is really cool! You want to taste it? You want to see?’”

Prayer.Global was created by some of the same people who created Zúme, with the same heart for multiplying disciples. Tools are only worthwhile when they are used, so keep using them! Get excited about them, tell your friends, and let those tools enable the growth of the Kingdom like vines climbing a trellis.

“Usually, if I’m saying, ‘Hey, come do this,’ I’m already excited about doing it and I want to share it,” Eric says. “Then usually what happens is they want to get some of their friends to do it, too.”

Who can you tell today? Start a Zúme.Training group with your friends or family, share a link to your favorite episode of our podcast, and invite those around you to be part of the movement.

Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko on Pexels