From the Living Room to Across the Ocean: One Man’s Zume Journey 

Two years ago, Raymond* started using Zúme’s training method from his home in the U.S., coaching people long distance over Zoom. He quickly became an “avid supporter” of Zúme, taking advantage of the world’s increased dependence on Zoom to connect with people in Africa. Soon, Ray began reaching out on Facebook to Christians from South Asia interested in mission work and offering to go through Zúme’s ten-lesson training with them. 

During this period, Ray “taught close to 100 people” across three countries. Through prayer and discernment—getting to know the people he trained well through their actions, their stories, and occasionally their families—he narrowed down where he should move. The 69-year-old retired electrical engineer had decided to move to South Asia to focus on training missionaries there, and the ten online Zúme lessons gave him the information about his students that he felt he needed to make the leap. 

Ray has now lived in his chosen country for 14 months, using his previous learning from a two-year program to train those who want a deeper education in missions. Zúme serves as “a good stepping stone” to get to know people before digging deeper with those who are “more academically inclined” and helping to train them well for their God-given roles. 

“In a closed country, Zúme has a ton of benefits,” Ray shares. “Of all the tools that you’re taught in Zúme, the 3/3 group is extremely good with mission work.” The 3/3 meeting pattern divides the group’s time into three parts: looking back, looking up to God, and looking forward to apply what has been learned. Zúme’s teaching to “go to existing relationships to start mission work” also works well in a closed country where sharing the Gospel is more dangerous. The 3/3 groups then help organize those newly interested participants and identify potential leaders for extra training. 

After only 14 months in his newly chosen country, Raymond has been amazed by the response from burgeoning local leaders eager to learn and spread their new knowledge to their neighbors. The simple structure of Zúme’s ten-lesson online program has provided the stepping stone that Raymond needed to train more local leaders and spread the Gospel exponentially, making disciples who make disciples. 

You can hear more of Raymond’s story from his own mouth on our podcast. Maybe his story will inspire you to start coaching with Zúme yourself—who knows where God will lead! 

*Name changed for security. 

Photo from Pixabay on Pexels