Micro Training for 3/3 Groups

Zúme Micro Training strategy helps groups and simple churches to share the 30 Zúme training concepts and tools in small, 15-minute sessions during your normal group meeting.


Groups or Simple Churches who want ongoing training as part of their group gatherings.

  • Any size group that wants to help people grow as disciples who make disciple-makers
  • Any size church that wants to transition their groups to be more missional.
  • Any individual discipling/ mentoring another person


To equip group members to be disciples and make disciples using the 30 pieces of Zúme training to be used in a 15-minute vision slot during a weekly group gathering.


Michael (a discipleship and small group pastor) developed this ongoing Zúme training to be used by his church’s small group network — Missional Community Groups — using a 3/3rds format. Each week they spend 15 minutes during the gathering on “vision casting” for larger objectives. It is during this vision time where the ongoing Zúme training takes place. 

Michael reports:  

Many people in our church were exposed to the basics of Zúme training during our Taste of Zúme. But hearing and obeying are two different things. I wanted my groups to always have a vision/training segment during their weekly time together.  We use a 3/3rds approach in our groups which can be better understood at the following link:  3/3 Group Meeting Pattern.

Our Missional Communities meet for 1 ½ hours weekly and divide the time as follows: 

  • Look Back (25 min)
  • Vision/Training (15 min)
  • Look Up (25 min) and 
  • Look Forward (25 min).

So it is during that 15 min Vision /Training slot that we introduce a piece of Zúme. When we hit a Zúme tool like S.O.A.P.S., Prayer Cycle, Your Story…etc we will spend additional weeks practicing and sharing that tool. 

This process gets repeated every year in the group.  People who have been through the training before, get refreshed and take further steps of growth.  Those who are new to the group get the training for the first time.


Michael reports (Jan 2020) :

I’m seeing growth in the individual lives of those who are being trained weekly through this approach.  My group members are sharing what they are learning with others as well as reaching out to those who need Christ. This is a process and will not happen overnight but with consistent exposure to the principles of Zúme training pieces, as well as some accountability with the tools you will see growth in the group member lives.

NOTE – This case study is still in progress. Please check back for updates.


  • 15 min slot in your group gathering


  • Responsible group leader who will consistently present the training piece


  • Laptop, iPad, Smartphone if you want to play the video training (highly suggested)
  • Binder with training scripts if the above option not possible
  • Tool handouts when tools are taught (like S.O.A.P.S. etc…)
  • Printout of Zúme Guidebook (nice but optional)