New TGroup Zúme Training for Your Church

Are you a church or small group looking to explore Disciple Making Movement (DMM) strategies? Then the new TGroup Biblical Discipleship Course might be for you!

New TGroup Zúme Biblical Discipleship Training
New TGroup Zúme Biblical Discipleship Training

A TGroup is a new way to approach DMM strategies for North America. Consider beta-testing it today.

This course uses Zúme materials but, reshuffles the timing so that the entire course happens within 5 gatherings across 4 weeks instead of in 10 meetings of 2 hours each.

The trick behind TGroups is that participants do homework each day. Typically about 15 minutes.

Group members actually end up picking up virtually all the Zúme biblical discipleship course anyway. Interested?

Just download the free PDF “white paper”.