Category: Church (>800)
August 9, 2021

“More Disciples” adapts the Zúme Training

We at Zúme are excited about the model our friends at “More Disciples” are using to help members at local churches to transform, train, and thrive. They adapted the Zúme Training into TGroups — a 3-Thirds Group model, designed specifically for churches. A TGroup agrees to gather once each week for 15 weeks. Each meeting… Read more »

April 7, 2021

Zúme Training for Your Church

Are you a church or group looking to explore disciple-making movement (DMM) strategies? Would you consider beta-testing a new course which utilizes Zume materials but, with the blessing of Zume leadership, reshuffles the timing so that the entire course happens within 5 gatherings across 4 weeks instead of in 10 meetings of 2 hours each?… Read more »

January 23, 2020

Taste of Zúme

Expose participants to a 4-hour ‘commercial’ of the training content from Zúme and equip them with a few skills for making disciples.