How Christians in Ghana Use Zúme’s Tools in Rural, Oral Communities

You may be familiar with Zúme as an online resource, offering YouVersion Bible plans, a Live Chat feature, and online training. You might even know about our downloadable guidebook and other offline resources. But did you know that Christians in Ghana are bringing Zúme to illiterate rural communities

Americans Terry and Amy and Ghanaian Isaac recently joined us to share how they have brought Zúme’s discipleship tools to the rural Ghanaian countryside. After Terry, Amy, and Isaac got the vision to pray for Gonja land, in the north of Ghana, they went through a weeks-long training with Curtis Sergeant in Burkina Faso in 2015. “Those ideas of disciple making movements really took hold,” says Amy, “and the guys really captured a vision for reaching all of Gonja land, and then beyond.” They divided Gonja land into 12 segments, visiting “almost all the villages” in an area the size of a U.S. county in a year and a half. They each took an apprentice that first year—in the second year, each apprentice took their own apprentice. In the same way, “they have branched out into eight or nine other West African countries.” 

In poor communities without internet, smartphones, computers, or literacy, the teams share the Gospel orally as the story of God’s deliverance, and they share Zúme’s tools the same way. “We take the tools, we learn them together with the people, they practice several times, and they get it. . . . they want to share them with others,” Isaac says. They rely on the MAWL method—model, assist, watch, and leave—to equip and enable more Ghanaian believers to spread the Word. 

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Photo by Seyiram Kweku on Pexels

January 7, 2024

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