Growing in Ghana, Local Movements using Zúme Offline – Issac, Terry, and Amy

Growing up in Ghana, Isaac lived for years without hearing the gospel. Then, God changed his life and connected him with Terry and Amy. Together, they coached him to coach others in multiplying disciples and churches through Zúme.

As Isaac and his friends went through Zúme, they began to “actually understand the scriptures they were reading.” As they began to put it into action and share it with others, God multiplied movements across the region.

Multiplying without the internet, and coaching over WhatsApp with people in distant villages, Zúme has primarily been used offline to fuel the movement. Also available as an offline app on the phone, printed book, and other formats, Zúme offline has shaped this local village believer’s life unto thousands. 

Hear from Isaac as he shares from Ghana with his coaches, Terry and Amy. Stories, challenges, and ways that God has made a way with Zúme!

November 29, 2023