One Way to Apply the Hybrid Approach to DMM Church Integration

Restoration Church, located in Denver, is just one fellowship using a hybrid approach to implement a disciple-making movement in their community. What can that look like, and how is it working at Restoration? 

In newcomers’ first interactions with the church on the website, their focus on discipleship multiplication is evident, and the Sunday services integrate the language and ideas of DMM. This fellowship equips their congregation to share Christ through many Zúme resources and tools. For example, “how we preach is kind of similar to doing a SOAPS, or even a 3/3 experience in a simple church,” Ron explains. “The weekend experience becomes the funnel, moving people into the movement.”

Restoration also moves people to movement through their connecting events. They have communities for youth, young married couples, families, “those in the prime of life (40+),” and young professionals. Participants “can build relationships that hopefully lead to conversations that hopefully lead to discipling. . . . and eventually to simple church involvement.”

“We’re up to 800 simple churches,” Ron shares, with baptisms “in bathtubs and hot tubs and swimming pools.” Immigrant congregants host Christmas parties and bring friends to Christ, while the young professionals’ connecting events continue to bring in many non-Christians. “The wind of the Spirit’s blowing,” says Ron. “We just happened to be at the right place at the right time. . . the people at Zúme . . . are the ones that taught us the sails to raise.” 

We encourage you to consider this and other ways to become more than a passive consumer. Can you gather 3–12 of your friends to take Zúme’s free training? Can you share Ron’s story and those of others around the world? Take your next step with the Spirit, raising your sails so he can move you forward. 

November 23, 2023

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