Multi-Site Church to Multi-National Simple Churches – Ron Johnson

As a pastor who has planted several other prevailing model churches and multi-site churches, Ron and his team at Restoration Church have shifted to multiplying hundreds of simple churches across Denver! 

After negative experiences with house church, Ron was not sure about Zúme at first. In the last few years, it has become a part of their church life, locally and globally! Hundreds of baptisms have happened in homes across the city this year. God is blessing them with answered prayers as they hear God, obey, and pass it on.

Leading a hybrid model, Ron shares about several leadership experiences that has shaped his movement journey. From pastoring a church that meets in a building, mentoring dozens of other pastors, and coaching simple churches, Ron has seen the difference Zúme has made!

From suburban families to low-income internationals, Zúme has been used to cast vision and equip believers. Disciples are multiplying inside and outside the building.

October 30, 2023