Zúme’s Tools Help Bring Colorado Community from Online to In Person

When Molly and her husband started The Brook, it stayed mostly online. Young professionals in the Denver area could connect with the couple through their ministry Instagram, and Molly would spend all day video calling with them. As The Brook has grown, they have expanded from the digital realm to the physical. “With The Brook,” Molly explains, “we use digital outreach, and then also in-person events to raise up leaders and start simple churches.” The ministry reaches out to people on Instagram and online, then connects them to simple churches and guides them through Zúme’s ten-session training.

One way that The Brook connects the community offline is through once-a-month Community Nights—the next step for people who have heard about the ministry to get connected. Every month, during the hour before the Community Night, The Brook’s leaders get together for dinner and continued training that they use to develop their simple churches. Participants get a refresher on helpful tools, like the cheat sheet from Zúme, as well as encouragement from other leaders. Every meeting includes an Everyday Disciple Spotlight, where a member of the community shares how they are applying the tools in their workplace and life. At the end of the hour, the leaders are encouraged to share and utilize the tools they’ve learned during the rest of the night: a social time for the wider community of young professionals.

Through empowering events like the Community Nights, Molly has seen the pace of multiplication increase. One leader caught the vision from the training and decided to start a simple church in her workplace, despite a work culture that seemed closed to the things of the Lord. In no time, 15 people had signed up and she was ready to start.

“I’m seeing people step up in their boldness,” says Molly. “I’m seeing young professionals realize that they have more to live for than what everyone else is living for, like the fun and the partying on the weekends. I’m seeing young professionals really take steps of faith and living as missionaries in their own city here in Denver.”

Molly says that the training offered by Zúme has changed the trajectory of The Brook and helped them manage their growth well. They continue to return to the resources, using them to strengthen their leaders and multiply disciples, bringing God’s community to the lonely, transient city of Denver.

September 22, 2023

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