Zúme practitioner shares an update in his own words

Thanks for putting together this great tool for multiplying disciples. Not only is the curriculum just what we need, the action plans (obey, share, train) each week really integrate what we are learning immediately into real life. 

We started with 11 people. 2 dropped out before session one when they read the guidebook ahead of time. One dropped out when they realized there was “homework” for each session. We added 1 more who started later and “doubled up” on the lessons to catch up with the class. It looks like we will have 9 to complete the course and I think we will have enough people continue on beyond that to start a 3/3s group. 

Zume was the final step to get me to encourage our small church to make it a goal to transform our church into a Disciple Making Movement. It is something I have been praying about for years and Zume has been a great tool to help bring the church along to owning that goal also.

Since Lesson 3, I have increased my prayer life and we have seen 3 baptisms. More are on the way! I am now making it a goal to pray 2 hours a day and I can’t wait to see what God will do in me and through our church with more abundant prayer.

November 15, 2022

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