Two Inspiring Stories of Disciple Multiplication with Zúme.Training

Just a few weeks ago, Hamza,* a Middle Eastern gentleman about sixty years old, sat at a checkered orange table and added a few more names to the list in his little notebook. Hamza confessed faith in Christ in December, was baptized in January, and by February was taking part in a Zúme.Training group, learning to make disciples and share the good news of his newfound Savior. He, another believer from a Muslim background, and a foreign worker were on session two of ten, writing 100 names of people in their lives in order to pray for them and steward those relationships well. 

One name stood out to Hamza—a neighbor who happens to be from another people group. Hamza believed the Lord was leading him to share Jesus with this neighbor, so on Wednesday he went and visited the neighbor and his wife. He shared about his new belief in Jesus and reported that the family was favorable to his story.

All three members of the Zúme group went back to visit Hamza’s neighbor’s family on Thursday. After listening to more of Hamza’s testimony and hearing an excellent presentation of the gospel from the other believer in the Zúme group, the neighbor, his wife, and her brother (who showed up out of nowhere during the visit) confessed faith and received Christ on the spot! All three of them renounced any belief that there was another prophet that came after Christ.

During the visit, the neighbor’s wife shared that Jesus had appeared to her long ago in a vision, dressed in dazzling white and looking intently at her with love and kindness in His eyes.

Hamza’s story is just one example of how the free Zúme.Training is being put into effect all over the world. Zúme (which means “yeast” in Greek) uses an online training platform to equip small, in-person groups to follow the Great Commission. Each participant learns how to be the yeast mixed into the flour of the world (Matt. 13:33), saturating the world with the teaching and healing of Jesus. 

Today, believers from 123 countries and 31 languages are learning from Zúme.Training how to spread the Good News to their neighbors and begin simple churches. 

A group in East Asia recently reported that they have so far offered 300+ Zúme classes training over 30,000 people. The training has iterated to 5 generations of teachers, exponentially spreading from class sizes of 10-40 people to sizes as large as 300 people, subdivided under many small group leaders. 

Since the launch of Zúme in 2017, it has come far in its vision to multiply disciples under the instructions and example of Christ. If you want to learn more about Zúme, or maybe sign up with a group of your friends, check our website

Continue to pray for new believers like Hamza and his neighbor, who live in crippling poverty and still continue to multiply disciples. Pray continually that no seed that has been sown will be choked out (Matt. 13:7), but that the seeds will “produce a crop—a hundred, sixty, or thirty times what was sown.”

*Not his real name

March 10, 2023

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