Two Exciting Biblical Media Releases to Come from the Salvation Poem Project

While the Salvation Poem Project continues to distribute their gospel poem, the ministry has expanded to include new resources. The president of the Salvation Poem Project calls the group, “a team of filmmakers, game developers, and multimedia storytellers whose goal is to share Jesus with the world through song and story.” Two of those stories are the Light of the World animated film and the Clayfire interactive video game. 

The Light of the World film is based on the story of the disciple John. The story begins when John is a young teenager who meets Jesus and embarks on a journey that looks nothing like what he’d expect. Trent Redmann, head of ministry partnerships at the Salvation Poem Project, compares the film to a well-known show: “Instead of quoting verse by verse from Scripture, we’re creating a story that’s biblical, probably even more connected to the story of the Bible than The Chosen.” The film releases in the summer of 2025. 

Trent describes the Clayfire video game as playing off “some of the light and darkness themes that are found in the Gospel of John.” The all-ages fantasy parable will bring players into a whimsical world in which they will bring light back to the darkness. “Our team tells me it’s a game in the spirit of Narnia,” Trent shares. “That kind of a heartfelt story.” The team is working hard to bring Clayfire to gaming platforms in 2026. 

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Zúme loves to feature creative resources from likeminded organizations! Look for two of those resources soon to come from the Salvation Poem Project: an animation of the Gospel of John and a biblical parable in the form of an interactive video game. 

May 4, 2024

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