7 Zúme Trainees Impact 150 and Counting

Ezekiel had brought about 7 young men into our Zume class. They did a variation of the “list of 100” by creating a list among the 7 of them totaling 100 and went out and talked to all 100 people. This got conversations going in the area and Ezekiel decided to hold an evangelism meeting. He preached (3 hours per night) for 11 out of 14 nights and 100 people decided to give their lives to Jesus and are registered for baptism. Since then, the number has grown to 150 people. Baptisms, especially in large numbers, are difficult in this area.

Because of recent wars and famine, there is no water being pumped into the city. Furthermore, standing water for baptisms can’t be done because of highly contagious diseases such as hepatitis and infectious skin diseases. There needs to be flowing water, not standing water. The nearest river is 18 miles away and no one has a car. Vans are extremely expensive to rent. We are working on possible solutions.

Zúme trainer in North America shares about a trainee he is coaching in Africa

Photo by Philipp Schwarz on Pexels

December 14, 2023

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