How Zúme’s 43 Languages Strengthen Outreach to Refugees 

Doug Lucas, president of Team Expansion, was introduced to Zúme by some enthusiastic field workers and has been growing more and more involved ever since. He has helped with early beta test sessions, helped develop the 3/3 groups, facilitated 16 different courses, and wrote a companion book called More Disciples

One recent project that gets Doug excited allows users to download material to use it in places without internet. They started using it to bring Zúme sessions to a refugee camp with 3,000 people and no Wi-Fi. “You could see right away how captivating it was” to have the material in their languages, says Doug. Zúme has now been translated into 43 languages—typically trade or shared languages—and that enables many more people to do Zúme sessions in either their heart language or a language that is easier for them to understand. Through that, “God was speaking to their hearts.” 

In one Middle Eastern country, Doug and his team challenged a worker to utilize the Zúme approach with refugees, leading to 35 people finding Christ. Most of those connections occurred one-on-one, like his contact with 19-year-old Nahim.* Nahim was immersed in Quranic study from a young age, even more deeply because his lineage could be traced back to Mohammed. While he had questions and concerns about some Muslim teachings, it was Nahim’s dialogue with the field worker that “prompted Nahim to realize that there was another book. He decided to give this new book a chance—this Injeel: the New Testament and especially the Gospels.”

After the field worker’s engagement with Nahim through Zúme lessons, Nahim “made it clear that he believes that Jesus was sacrificed for our sins, and that now God’s will is for us to be children of God that can try to bring all others into his kingdom.” His life has changed. 

You don’t need to understand a refugee or immigrant’s language to share Christ with them. They can engage with Zúme lessons in a language closer to their hearts, then dialogue with you about it in whatever fragments of language that you share. “Zúme gives us a great infrastructure,” Doug says, not only because of its range of available languages bus also because it “gives an outline to follow and it works whether the person is a seeker or whether they’re a longtime elder in a church. . . . Zúme is actually a prime candidate for every single worker.” 

If you want to start using Zúme lessons to engage with immigrants or refugees in your area, check out our course and select your desired language from the drop-down menu in the top banner. Continue to reach out to the people in your communities and being faithful where God puts you. We welcome you into the Zúme community, multiplying disciples in our generation. 

* Name changed for security. 

August 27, 2023

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