The Zúme Multiplying Disciples Podcast interviews the practitioners of the community around the world. Learn from real people and help saturate the world with multiplying disciples in our generation.

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Zúme Podcast Episode List

Episode 1 – Zúme Origins and Future

Guest: Curtis Sergeant

Hear from Curtis Sergeant about the origins, the vision, and the current progress of Zúme’s training of multiplying disciples. 

Episode 2 – Africa & Oral Cultures

Guest: Terry and Amy Ruff

Terry and Amy Ruff have a long history of movement leadership in West Africa. Their leadership team has been training Zúme before it was Zúme. But now, with Zúme they overcome the challenges of illiteracy, poverty of media or Internet access, and other challenges to see fruitful multiplication.

Episode 3 – Partnering with Churches

Guest: Doug Lucas

Doug Lucas, president of Team Expansion and an active movement practitioner, reflects on the blessing and value Zúme has been on his personal journey of disciple making and its contribution in the global movement of the Kingdom.

Episode 4 – Training in Mandarin

Guest: Song Cao

Song Cao and his team have led hundreds of trainings in Mandarin Chinese among people in mainland China. He shares some of his top stories, some of the big challenges that face the ordinary person getting trained, and some of the amazing hunger and surprising growth for these trainings.

Episode 5 – Origins, Growth, and using Zoom

Guest: Eric Derry

Eric Derry reflects on the origins of Zúme from the first prayer meeting, and his first steps in engaging with the regional leadership around Kentucky, and the challenges of growing the tool.

Zúme Multiplying Disciples Podcast
Zúme Multiplying Disciples Podcast

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