Unlocked by coaching

When I went through Zume Training in 2018, I had been very, very stuck.  My wife and I had seen God do amazing things when we lived in China before 2010, but nothing I had tried seemed to be effective after we returned to California.  A friend invited me to Discovery Bible Study training, and this was excellent.  But I was still stuck in being unable to find seekers who would be interested in DBS.  

Finally, after finding Zume, I could tell that it had the full range of disciple-making tools that could help me get unstuck. I plucked up my courage and asked for a coach and had the privilege to talk with one over Zoom.  He was very patient to listen to my wife and me.  He even met me in my hotel room when I had a business trip to the city where he was living. 

He encouraged me to modify the tools and make them my own—for example, to flex the 5 minute timing in the prayer cycle and to abbreviate the list of accountability questions.  From there, I was able to coach and train individuals in the principles and tools without relying on the videos, while at the same time encouraging others to do the training as it is.  Thank God for my coach’s kindness at such a time in my life.

November 5, 2021

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