August 1, 2019

New YouVersion Plan: Enduring Through Suffering

Zúme network leader, Chad, has launched with YouVersion a new plan called “Enduring Through Suffering”. (50 day plan)

Enduring through suffering is one of the principle ingredients of every disciple multiplication movement. It takes spirit led endurance to both start and sustain a movement. The bible promises that in this world we will have troubles and that those that want to live a Godly life will be persecuted. Journey with us through the scriptures and find what it to takes to never quit. Don’t give up.

July 31, 2019

New YouVersion Plan: Go Tell Your Story

Check out the new YouVersion study plan “Go Tell Your Story” (5 Day Plan).

Your testimony is a powerful tool we should all be able to share with others. Even if you have never shared your story, this Bible reading plan can help you to discover the why, the how, and the who of sharing your testimony. Whether you are a new follower of Jesus or have walked with Jesus for a long time, you have a story. Go and tell your story.

July 15, 2019

MATTHEW Zúme Accountability Group (YouVersion)

A new Zume accountability group plan launched for the Book of Matthew. Check it out. Thanks to Chad for publishing this.

We all know that we should read our Bible, pray, and be the church, but what if we actually started doing that? Zúme Accountability Groups are small groups of 2 to 4 people that don’t just want to be hearers of the word, but doers! If you want simple and practical “HOW TO” steps to be and do what Jesus called, commanded, and created us for then start this plan.