August 10, 2021

One church multiplies into six

A Zúme coach and practitioner in the U.S. shared that 18 months ago he was a part of a small church that had 10-15 people in attendance. Now, that church has multiplied into 6 churches with the same number of people in each. Elders are being appointed and the bodies are being equipped for good works. 

At the same time, God is using this coach abroad. He is coaching believers in other countries through the internet. He led 8-10 sessions of the Zúme training each week for the past 7 months. Some of those trainings have been with small groups and some with individuals but he reports that these trainings are producing fruit. Despite great persecution, many people are coming to Christ. 313 baptisms happened within a two-week time span. In other places 10-20 are being baptized at a time. 

He acknowledges that he longs to see more. He says, “I’m praying for movements, but I realize it begins with a little addition at first then multiplication.” May God hear the prayer of our brother.

August 9, 2021

Zume on Zoom continues to impact

A recent 10-week Zume training started online using the Zoom video conferencing platform. More than 35 disciples joined the training from the Philippines, Thailand, India, Germany, France, South Africa, Kenya, Uganda, Ghana, Zambia, Ethiopia, New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, Washington, California, and Texas.

One of the disciple makers attending the training from Ethiopia, 6 weeks into the training, sought and received permission to train 40 church pastors using Zume!

Join an upcoming training online through Zoom at

June 23, 2021

Practitioners in Southern Asia pursue village saturation

A Zúme practitioner recently shared with his coach progress among the people he serves in Southern Asia. He trained 51 people across 2 countries in Zúme practices and skills. So far these training efforts resulted in six fruitful and active implementers whom the Zúme practitioner coaches.  These six implementers are spreading to various villages to bring good news of the Kingdom. With the COVID lockdown still in place, these people are going to families in need of food.  They report back about the families they are helping and bringing the Gospel of Grace to. The Zúme practitioner said, “As you would expect, these are hard times but God is using it for His glory and He has given us a clear message that we need to equip and prepare His army using Zoom now.”

June 23, 2021

Prayer Walking spreads to generations

Zúme coaches serve disciple makers all over the world through training, sharing resources, and providing coaching towards multiplication of disciples that make disciples.

One of our Zúme coaches works with someone on a Caribbean island. She has been training people in prayer walking.

Her coach introduced her to the Zúme page on prayer walking in order to use it to prepare people she was about to train and to review with people she had already trained.

Just 24 hours later after receiving the training from her coach, one hundred people had already been exposed to the material in several generations of sharing it.

May 21, 2021

Pray4NorthCarolina launched!

God continues to grow a heart among His people to pray for a disciple making movement in their state. Pray4NorthCarolina is the latest website to launch. You can sign up and begin praying for North Carolina.

If you desire to catalyze a prayer effort for where you live, connect with us and we can show you what we have learned. We’ve published a starting template at

May 21, 2021

Largest Zume Training Group Yet?

550 key leaders, in an Asian country, went through Zume together. Each of these 550 leaders represent entire networks of disciples and churches. Even if only a fraction of these leaders take the training back to their networks, the impact could be exponential. We pray this training would be a blessing and a resource for multitudes of disciple makers in all of the current 37 finished languages.

April 19, 2021

30 Baptized in East Africa

A Zúme coach shared an exciting update from someone he coaches in East Africa. The Zúme coach meets up with this brother several times a week. The brother reported 30 were baptized into Christ last Saturday. A number more came to Christ in the past few days among several different villages. This brother has traveled more than 100 kilometers from home to work in the abundant harvest fields Jesus promised to His followers.

April 13, 2021

Church Planting Progress in Rwanda

A Zúme practitioner in Rwanda reports things are,

“…going very well by God’s grace. We now have been blessed to reach two areas in the northern and eastern provinces of Rwanda. We started small groups for Bible study and sharing testimonies. We also have been blessed to reach a refugee camp in Uganda where more than 21 people have been baptized and a church was planted.”