July 1, 2022

Update from Eastern Europe

A Zúme coach working in Eastern Europe presented the Zúme Training to the pastor of his church who expressed interest in the content. His pastor encouraged him to train other house group leaders in Zúme Training and to give a seminar on DMM and Zúme for pastors and elders. The coach began using Zúme in his home group following the Zúme TGroup format. Since the completion of this training, different members of the home group are planning to start second generation groups. At the same time, they began to use the Zúme training in their youth ministry and see amazing things happening. Glory to God!

July 1, 2022

Multiplying disciples in Africa

A Zúme coach reported that he is training five men from various parts of Africa in Zúme principles. Recently one of his disciples was able to meet up with these men in person and rejoiced to hear about the multiplication of disciples happening in different parts of the continent.

July 1, 2022

Pastors being trained in Zúme

A Zúme coach recently gathered ten pastors, one of whom was Somali, to go through the first session of the Zúme training together. The feedback after the session was so good, the group asked when they could meet again. One pastor said that his eyes were opened to see how important obeying and making disciples is, even among non-church members.

April 4, 2022

Sharing God’s Word with Others

A participant in a Zúme training began sharing his S.O.A.P.S. Bible study with others. One of his friends replied to him that he had read the Bible more than any time in his whole life as a result of his friend sharing these Bible studies with him. There is blessing when we share what God teaches us with others!


March 21, 2022

Putting Zume Tools into Practice

As one couple began implementing the various parts of the Zume Training, they felt led to start a house church. They reached out to people they know to invite them. At work one day, the husband shared the Gospel story and his 3-Minute Testimony with a co-worker. The person described himself as wayward and had just recently started reading the Bible and had asked God to send him someone who could help him. When the Zume participant shared the skills he has been learning through the Zume training, he was also able to invite this person to the house church they are starting. The person said their conversation was nothing short of an answer to prayer and a miracle. 

March 21, 2022

S.O.A.P.S. Bible Studies are Impacting Others

After one Zume participant started sharing his S.O.A.P.S. Bible study each day with an unbelieving friend, the friend texted and said, “I can’t continue to read these. It is hitting me so hard I choked up, but keep sending them!” Another couple began sending their S.O.A.P.S Bible studies to over 60 people and are finding others are interested in learning the simple tool. One woman shares her S.O.A.P.S. Bible study on Facebook every day. Another couple are sharing their S.O.A.P.S. Bible study every day, especially with unbelieving family members. These are just a few examples of ordinary people using ordinary tools with extraordinary results for God’s glory. 

March 8, 2022

Testimony from a Zume trainee

Progress can be reported through maps and statistics, but also through stories of kingdom wins and faith steps taken. Read our sister’s testimony of how the Zume Training helped her be a disciple who makes disciples:

“It taught me new ways to share the Gospel. I learned and God continued to speak to me in the lesson that we studied. I liked so much having a group with whom I could talk and share about how God speaks to us through different ways, experiences, and testimonies. It is so good to have a group who has the same passion as me.”

-V, a Zume Trainee

March 4, 2022

One couple shares about the outcomes of their trainings

A couple in their late twenties offered to lead multiple Zume courses over the last 18 months. They also led organic trainings. As a result of those efforts they have seen 102 new 3/3rds groups started, 48 of which are still meeting. There are 612 current participants in those 48 3/3rds groups. They have seen 53 baptisms among 4 different generations. All glory to God!

March 2, 2022

David Jones – Evangelizing the World With Zúme

David Jones gives his take on evangelism — that he fervently believes the gospel is to be given to all people.  In order to share the gospel, David describes his steps that have given him great success in not only planting the seed, but also nurturing it into second and third generation Christians.  Evangelism is a personal endeavor that takes commitment and time investment.  He also gives some foundations for Zúme ministry. 

David gives tips on some areas to target for evangelism and how to prepare evangelists and the target areas through prayer and initiating relationships.  He also goes on to give insight to the steps he typically takes to evangelize and minister.   Zúme becomes a tool to develop new disciples and is ideal for introduction once a relationship is established.  The bottom line is that we have the endorsement of Jesus himself and we need to be bold in spreading the gospel.

Check out https://zume.vision/multiplying-disciples-podcast/ to listen to the podcast.

February 17, 2022

Curtis Sergeant – Train Yourself to Train Disciples

This Podcast was released for February 16, 2022. In this podcast we follow up with Curtis Sergeant from his previous interview on Zúme Origins.  This interview dives into the broad range of resources available through the Zúme.Training site.  Curtis will explain how the website is designed much like an ecosystem of interactive and interdependent training resources for both new believers and those looking to enrich their faith.  Zúme is unique in that it is specifically designed for individual application and group collaboration.  It can be used as a standalone tutor or in conjunction with other discipleship training materials.  Zúme can be a resource for individuals who may not have any other exposure to the Gospel, but it is most effective when shared with a group interactively. Curtis also gives tips on how Zúme was designed to work.  While there are many resources available for training, they do not have to be used in a certain order.  Each resource is a different ingredient to enhance growth in Christians.  One great feature for interactive learning is “Zúme On Zoom.”  This gives users face-time with both mentors and people just like them, whether a new or seasoned Christian, local or on the other side of the globe.  The training also has a variety of available languages to choose from.  It is a user-friendly tool to promote growth and offer both mentorship and encouragement to current and potential church family members.  It is exciting to hear Curtis share the progress that Zúme has made and how its versatile tools can reach all walks of life.