One church multiplies into six

A Zúme coach and practitioner in the U.S. shared that 18 months ago he was a part of a small church that had 10-15 people in attendance. Now, that church has multiplied into 6 churches with the same number of people in each. Elders are being appointed and the bodies are being equipped for good works. 

At the same time, God is using this coach abroad. He is coaching believers in other countries through the internet. He led 8-10 sessions of the Zúme training each week for the past 7 months. Some of those trainings have been with small groups and some with individuals but he reports that these trainings are producing fruit. Despite great persecution, many people are coming to Christ. 313 baptisms happened within a two-week time span. In other places 10-20 are being baptized at a time. 

He acknowledges that he longs to see more. He says, “I’m praying for movements, but I realize it begins with a little addition at first then multiplication.” May God hear the prayer of our brother.

August 10, 2021

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