Multiplying disciples in Texas

The latest Zúme Multiplying Disciples podcast released yesterday. Go to wherever you get your podcasts to hear Tim’s story from Dallas, Texas.

Tim serves as a leader and resource for Christian work throughout the world, with a focus on church planting and growth in North America. He was one of the pioneers of the Zúme-style discipleship in the United States before the Zúme platform really began to grow exponentially. He has seen Zúme do amazing things in the Dallas, Texas area as well as throughout the world.

Tim has focused on influencing church growth since he was very new to Christianity in the early 1980’s. He endorses Zúme as a platform to not only teach, but really mentor young disciples through interactive learning and doing. He shares exciting stories of how God is able to use people from all experience levels to spread the good news as well as establish new house churches and multi-generational growth.

Tim reflects on his own experiences early on for establishing small church plants and house churches and would have liked for the Zúme resources to have been available then because they streamline the discipleship process and target the multiplication of outreach through person to person contact and mentorship.

February 4, 2022

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