Last 100 Hours of Zume – Live Map

We have the first version of a larger communication and mobilization and prayer strategy for public viewing. The Last 100 Hours of Zume live map attempts to surface prayer points happening in the Zume community in real time.

The greater ambition with this project is to create a subscriber prayer system, so that not only can prayer warriors subscribe to pray for countries or parts of countries with real time activity lists.

Imagine leaning into prayer for Laos and seeing a live feed of spiritual activity by real people in Laos! A prayer warrior could pray forward encouragement, protection, and blessing on specific people in specific places.

We have obfuscated actual names and pulled back specific location accuracy so as to not violate personal identity, but we believe it is enough detail so that prayer efforts can lean into covering the movement of God in places with enough real time knowledge to be specific in movement bringing prayer.

Check it out.

August 25, 2020

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