Eyo’s story

“Eyo’s” father carried his fully grown, adult son to the bathroom again. Doctors did not know what was wrong, but Eyo did. When I visited their house four years ago, I offered to pray that Jesus would heal him. But Eyo resisted, saying the evil inside him was too strong. For years he laid in bed depending on his elderly parents, becoming weaker day after day…until THE day came. One of our local ministry partners visited Eyo and something changed. Eyo allowed others to pray for him and even began to pray to Jesus himself. The next time I visited their house I was shocked to recognize the man who was walking to greet me and firmly shake my hand. Jesus had healed Eyo’s body and spirit. He welcomed us to lead his extended family in a Bible story group and was willing to pray with boldness for others. 

Recently I have been meeting with Eyo to disciple and train him so that he has become fully confident leading groups that study God’s Word. Eyo now goes to other villages to share his testimony with people who are hearing the Jesus Stories for the first time. Some of the training that helped me most was previously only available in English. I have been working for years to get it available in Indonesian. This prepares people like Eyo to be fully equipped to represent Jesus to those who may not have another chance. (See www.zume.traning and now www.zume.training/id/ ) Recently Eyo said that his goal for the week is to baptize someone who has just come to follow Jesus. Will you join us in praying that Eyo is the first of many locals who boldly share what Jesus did in their lives with all those they have relationships with?

– written by a Zume practitioner

August 15, 2022

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