East Asia Training Reports Powerful Results

A recent training in East Asia consisted of 38 participants. Those 38 participants led 138 people to faith during the training! Here are a few comments from the participants:

As the name suggests, “ZUME” is really fermenting fast, thanks to God’s Holy Spirit for writing such a beautiful, simple and effective course through the author. This course has brought a sensation to the church, and will also bring revival. “ZUME” will live up to the author’s hard work, and will go down in the “chronicles” of history as the most powerful spiritual tool to deliver souls to the church.

participant and leader of a group

Thank you Lord for your grace! I was given the opportunity to attend this ZUME study. The total eleven study is coming to an end before I knew it. I always feel unfulfilled with the two-hour class every week and longing for more. I have been a believer for so many years, and since the beginning of my faith, I have had a burden for souls and a willingness to preach the Gospel, but I have never been able to do so. This time, I used the Four Spiritual Laws that my teacher taught me, and then I led people to make a decision to Christ, and it became easier. This method has really helped me. I have since rekindled the message of evangelism and put it into action. Save one and count one. Just keep doing this and there will be fruit. If every Christian obeys the teacher’s teaching in this way, they are obeying the Lord’s teaching and practicing the Great Commission, which will speed up evangelism and bring more people to know the Lord earlier. That’s what the Lord wants. This is such a great tool. The SOAPS Bible Study method in ZUME, Prayer Walk, duckling 🦆 leading discipleship with ducklings 🦆, prayer circles, these are all great tools for evangelism. I will continue to use these tools and keep working on them, and depending on the Lord. Thank you Lord for your grace!


I pray every day that God will help me and guide me to do his kingdom work; He answered my prayer by sending me to [this] Zume training. SOAPS solidifies my daily walk in seeking first God‘s righteousness and His kingdom. “Duckling discipleship” prompts me to lead and serve whenever I can and always point others to God. I am applying “3-in-1 group meeting” with members in my Bible study group, and pray that with the help of the Holy Spirit, we will be fruitful in making disciples.


November 12, 2021

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