David Jones – Evangelizing the World With Zúme

David Jones gives his take on evangelism — that he fervently believes the gospel is to be given to all people.  In order to share the gospel, David describes his steps that have given him great success in not only planting the seed, but also nurturing it into second and third generation Christians.  Evangelism is a personal endeavor that takes commitment and time investment.  He also gives some foundations for Zúme ministry. 

David gives tips on some areas to target for evangelism and how to prepare evangelists and the target areas through prayer and initiating relationships.  He also goes on to give insight to the steps he typically takes to evangelize and minister.   Zúme becomes a tool to develop new disciples and is ideal for introduction once a relationship is established.  The bottom line is that we have the endorsement of Jesus himself and we need to be bold in spreading the gospel.

Check out https://zume.vision/multiplying-disciples-podcast/ to listen to the podcast.

March 2, 2022

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