Curtis Sergeant – Train Yourself to Train Disciples

This Podcast was released for February 16, 2022. In this podcast we follow up with Curtis Sergeant from his previous interview on Zúme Origins.  This interview dives into the broad range of resources available through the Zúme.Training site.  Curtis will explain how the website is designed much like an ecosystem of interactive and interdependent training resources for both new believers and those looking to enrich their faith.  Zúme is unique in that it is specifically designed for individual application and group collaboration.  It can be used as a standalone tutor or in conjunction with other discipleship training materials.  Zúme can be a resource for individuals who may not have any other exposure to the Gospel, but it is most effective when shared with a group interactively. Curtis also gives tips on how Zúme was designed to work.  While there are many resources available for training, they do not have to be used in a certain order.  Each resource is a different ingredient to enhance growth in Christians.  One great feature for interactive learning is “Zúme On Zoom.”  This gives users face-time with both mentors and people just like them, whether a new or seasoned Christian, local or on the other side of the globe.  The training also has a variety of available languages to choose from.  It is a user-friendly tool to promote growth and offer both mentorship and encouragement to current and potential church family members.  It is exciting to hear Curtis share the progress that Zúme has made and how its versatile tools can reach all walks of life.

February 17, 2022

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