Scalable Training in 40 Languages and Counting

In 2016, God brought together a multi-organization and lay leader group of volunteers to launch a scalable online disciple making movement training called the Zúme Project. With no confidence in a brand, but in great confidence in what Jesus promised to do through the yeast (zúme is the Greek word for yeast) of the Kingdom (Matthew 13:33), the team at Zúme began the process of making the training available in 40 priority languages.

Zúme Training is an on-line and in-life learning experience designed for small groups who follow Jesus to learn how to obey His Great Commission and make disciples who multiply. By God’s grace, we are thankful to report that the Zúme Training exists in 40 languages with more translations underway. 

Zúme equipped me with simple tools that are useful for helping others follow Christ and make multiplying disciples. Those brothers I led through the process experienced some of the greatest obedience and closeness to Christ they had experienced yet,” wrote a recent participant.

Our vision is to see 1 training and 2 simple churches started for every 5,000 people in North America and every 50,000 people globally. In 2021, more than 8,000 2-hour group sessions were completed. 

We provide the opportunity for those going through the online training to request coaching from fruitful DMM/CPM practitioners no matter where they live on the globe. God is forming a team to vet and then route contacts to fruitful practitioners who express willingness to serve as coaches to these leads. In 2021, 396 coaching request forms were submitted from 228 countries. 

A recipient of coaching shared, “My life has been completely changed. It has been a long journey with training… I am aiming to see people welcome Jesus Christ.  I want to set a good example for those I’m training to plant churches by planting churches myself. As my coach followed up with me, I want to follow up with those I train. Zume training equipped me. Through prayer, I now can meet others and work as a team. I am hoping within a year to reach out to thousands of people and plant churches.” [edited for length and English]

Jesus said the Kingdom of God is like yeast that an ordinary woman worked into the dough until it was all leavened (Luke 13:21). Perhaps, He was thinking of women like the one who shared the following testimony, “I led ZUME training with 3 ladies from my church Fall, 2020. One of the ladies in that group is now leading her second 3/3rds group. I have led four 3/3rds Bible studies (one on HOPE and two on Miracles in John and one on 1 Thessalonians).  Two of the studies were with colleagues from my teaching job. The others were with ladies from church. One of my colleagues has begun attending our church as she was not connected with a faith family anywhere. One friend has been baptized and a second one is contemplating it. It is a beautiful tool of obedience and application to the Scripture.  PRAISE GOD!

If you would be interested in serving as a coach for those going through the training, please follow the steps laid out here. As a Zúme coach, you too can serve disciples of Jesus like the ones represented in this article. Join us in saturating the globe with multiplying disciples in this generation.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels