November 21, 2023

Three Ways to Use a DMM Approach – Which is Best for Your Church? 

If you were asked to describe a church, what would you say? You might think of a service with collective worship through song, a sermon, and minimal interaction from the audience. But what else could church look like?  If you’re familiar with Zúme, you’re probably also familiar with the concept of Disciple-Making Movements (DMM)—the “rapid… Read more »

October 20, 2023

3 Simple Questions to Reach Where You Want to Be in Life

Do you ever look around, look back, and evaluate where you are in life? We’re often too caught up in busy-ness to see our surroundings. Still your heart today and take some time to consider these simple questions. Discuss them with a friend, journal, or pray your responses to God. Doug Lucas, president of Team… Read more »

October 19, 2023

You Aren’t Just a Spectator. How can You Bless Others Today?

Imagine a football stadium full of people. Thousands upon thousands of people blur together in the stands, focused on the handful of players on the faraway field. Most are just watching, spectators only. Now “imagine a stadium where everybody’s playing.” That’s the image that Eric Derry, vice president of Team Expansion, asks us to consider.… Read more »

October 17, 2023

Learn from Lepers: Why is it Important to Share the Good News?

In 2 Kings 6, the situation was dire for Samaria. The Arameans had besieged the city for so long that a donkey’s head sold for 80 pounds of silver. Citizens ate bird’s dung—and even their own children. Four lepers crouched at the city gate. “They said to each other, ‘Why stay here until we die?’”… Read more »

October 13, 2023

What Is Mobilization, and Why Should It Matter to Me?

“Jesus told us to ask the Lord of the Harvest to raise up harvesters,” Doug Lucas says, referencing Matt. 9:37–38. “I’ve dedicated my life to that, and Eric has, too.” Doug Lucas and Eric Derry lead Team Expansion, dedicated to multiplying and mobilizing disciples. “You’re mobilizing people to engage in—that’s part of the magic of… Read more »

September 19, 2023

Why Does Peer Coaching Bring Growth and Strength to the Burmese Church?

You may have heard Zúme’s goal to “make disciples who make disciples.” A critical part of that divine multiplication is coaching believers in how to multiply, following up on them, supporting them, and strengthening them along the way. “Follow up and relationship and development help[s] people catch the vision,” says Jacob,* an American supporting the… Read more »

September 12, 2023

7 Ways That Zúme is Helping to Grow the Church in Myanmar

Evangelism in Myanmar used to look drastically different. A Burmese brother in Christ shares that the traditional approach involved sharing the gospel only once, “and then follow up never.” After sharing or just distributing gospel tracts, they thought, “our responsibility is done.” Follow-up, discipleship, and community building never occurred to them. “I did not have… Read more »