How Can Zúme and the Salvation Poem Project Work Together?

Trent Redmann had been a pastor in the American church for years, with “no idea of what God was doing around the world,” until he got the opportunity to sit in on a small group in Thailand. He realized that “there is so much power in the life of every single believer who is focused on disciplemaking.” Seven years later, Trent is the head of ministry partnerships for the Salvation Poem Project, sharing Jesus with the world through song and story. 

While the Salvation Poem Project’s first goal remains the translation and distribution of the Salvation Poem, they have expanded with the newly released New Believer Course. Brand-new disciples of Jesus can sign up for free to receive the series of videos and text through their email inbox or online. The 11 short videos explain foundational aspects of the Christian faith, like why Jesus needed to die and how God forgives us. 

After speaking with Zúme founder Curtis Sargent, Trent and Curtis got excited about how Zúme’s 10-session course and the Salvation Poem Project’s New Believer course could be used together. “For people who are new in their walk with Jesus, who are wanting to do a Zúme course but maybe need a primer in some of the foundational truths about their relationship with Jesus, this could be a great gateway as they’re getting ready to launch in their own DMM—their own disciple-making journey.” Trent envisions new Christians completing the New Believer course before continuing with Zúme’s material, providing the baseline that they need to launch into a life of being disciples who make disciples. 

“We do not need to have all the complex structures for people to experience church,” Trent says. Whether a new follower of Christ joins a megachurch or a house church, what’s important is that they find a place in the community of Christ. The two online courses “can work in areas where it’s difficult to share your faith one-on-one because of security concerns. There are some digital-first options that can help lead people to an online church and even a secure, in-person expression of church.” 

If you want to learn more about Jesus or help a friend along the journey, you can sign up for the New Believer Course and Zúme’s Training Course for free to become a disciple who makes disciples. 

Zúme’s training course doesn’t exist in a vacuum. Learn how the Salvation Poem Project’s New Believer Course can work alongside Zúme to prepare new followers for a life with Christ.