How Big Is Your God

How Big Is Your God

How big is your God?

Sure intellectually we all know the Lord is omniscient. He has all wisdom and knowledge. He’s omnipotent. He has all strength and power and authority. He’s omnipresent. He is everywhere. In Him everything holds together. He’s outside of time itself … so he sees the end from the beginning. He’s perfect in every way — perfect in love, in majesty, and glory, in righteousness, in judgment. We all know this intellectually, but do we really conceive how amazing He is.

You see, we have finite minds, so we all have God in a box and the process of being a disciple is the process of following him and getting to know him better and better. It’s a lifetime process.

We all have God in a box and the process of being a disciple is expanding that box.

In our day, there are more atheists than there have been probably in all of history. Just in my lifetime, in the United States, it’s gone from being a fraction of one percent to a significant portion of our population who are atheists. If I meet someone who’s an atheist, I like to tell them, ”I find that really interesting, could you please tell me about the God that you don’t believe in.”

Then they’ll share about the God they don’t believe in. Almost without exception, I can say, “I’m an atheist too, in regard to that God. I agree with you completely. I don’t believe He exists. Can I tell you about the God that I do believe in.” Because most atheists, they’re not stupid. The God that they have been presented doesn’t exist. He isn’t real and they deserve the chance to hear about the true God.

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I think the story of Jairus is interesting. When we start thinking about having God in a box right. So you remember that Jairus came to Jesus and he said, “Please, teacher, my twelve-year-old daughter is very sick. She’s on death’s doorway. If you will come lay your hand on her I know that she will be healed.”

He had great faith. Such great faith that he knew all Jesus had to do was touch her and she would be healed. He knew that. He believed that. And you remember he was on his way when a servant came, and said, “Don’t bother the teacher any longer. The little girl is dead.”

That was too much, right? That got outside of Jairus’ box. He could believe that Jesus could heal her if she was really sick, but if she was dead that was just too much.

But Jesus said, “Don’t fear. Only believe.”

Jesus went and raised his daughter from the dead. So Jairus’ box got bigger that day. His concept of God increased.

His concept of God increased.

And all of us, no matter how much faith we have, we have a limit to what we really believe God can do.

Our boxes have a bottom too.

You may know that it’s a bad idea to go to Walmart on a Saturday, right? I don’t know about where you live but where we live, if you go to Walmart on a Saturday, there’s no parking spots anywhere it’s just packed.

So one day my wife and I forgot something. So we needed to go to Walmart on a Saturday. She was driving. Just as we’re pulling into the parking lot, she prays.

She says, “Lord, please give us a parking spot right away by the door.”

I looked at her and I said, “Seriously, you’re praying for a parking spot?”

She didn’t say anything. She just started driving toward the door. As we were approaching, the car in the spot closest to the door that was not handicapped, pulled out and she pulled in immediately.

She just looked at me and went “Hmm”. The bottom of my box got a little lower.

The bottom of my box got a little lower.

It’s like that was too small to ask God for. Is it really surprising, the God who knows the number of hairs on my head. surely cares about a parking spot.

So all of us continually need to have our box heightened and lowered and broadened and deepened for as long as we live. That is part of being a disciple. And that is part of making disciples. We are constantly on a journey and encouraging one another in this journey to make our boxes as big as possible.

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