Generations of Inspiration: How the Excitement of Friends Spurs Each Other On

In Bible college in 1978, Doug Lucas read 52 different passages of Scripture for a required course. “It changed my life, changed my major, and I’ve been in missions ever since,” he says.

Doug’s calling lead to his service in leadership of Team Expansion, a missions mobilization organization, alongside his friend Eric Derry. The pair have years of experience using Zúme tools, leading Zúme groups, and getting people excited for the gospel.

Eric Derry says that he was mobilized through Doug. After Doug’s college conviction, he “started asking other students to pray with him about unreached peoples. . . . around maps in their dorm room.” Eric attended a youth group with a young man who went to Doug’s prayer meetings, and that man, through his enthusiasm, spurred Eric on to join. “It was in that atmosphere that God had plenty of room,” Eric says. “He set the stage for God to tap me on the shoulder and say, ‘Hey, Eric, this is what you’re gonna do.’”

Eric has continued in his vision for missions since his first meeting with Doug in college. After Doug’s actions led to Eric’s mobilization into missions, Eric returned the favor by asking him to speak at Zúme talks. “He got me hooked on all this disciple making movement stuff,” Doug jokes. “Now I have facilitated 16 or 17 Zúme groups. I think part of what we owe to the people around us is to pass along what God’s entrusted us with, and Zúme is one of the tools that we can use to do that.”

You can hear more of Doug and Eric’s story on our podcast, check out their work at Team Expansion, or even join them in leading your own Zúme discipleship group with our free 10 session online course.

Photo Credit by Phil Nguyen