Become a Zúme Coach

So glad you are willing to serve as a Zume Coach!

We need many faithful volunteers to serve in many capacities in the using tools like

Here are the 16 things we look for serving as Zúme coach. as you know DMM is non-sequential, so please go through the list and cross off the ones that you know for sure you have already done.

And attached is the Zúme coach’s agreement, please read through it and let me know when we can talk.

1) Register for and login using your email address and password.

2) Join a training group or start a training group.

3) Complete Zúme training course (preferably with a small group).

4) At any time during Zúme course submit “Get A Coach” form from

5) Respond to the coach assigned to you and start implementing.

6) Tell your assigned coach that you are interested and willing to help coach others.

7) At this point your coach will make sure you get the document called Zúme Coaches Agreement.

8) Read it all and if you “agree” then inform your coach that you do.

9) At this point your coach if he/she is in agreement will put in official request for you to be upgraded to a user DT Multiplier.

10) The dispatcher and or DT coaching leader will upgrade your DT contact record to User DT Multiplier and alert you to next upcoming DT Multiplier (Zúme Coach) live orientation and also send you a link to some recorded trainings.

11) You should then sign up for the earliest possible live orientation and also watch the recorded sessions and write down any questions.

12) In the mean time before your orientation you should log into using the same email and password and update your profile, locations, notifications and availability in disciple tools.

13) It would also be very helpful if you haven’t already, to read through the website.

14) Keep implementing Zúme principles and tools and training others to do the same from your own personal network of friends and family.

15) Be ready to receive and accept your first assignment and follow up with him/her in hopes of multiplying.

16) Pray fervently and persistently for God to send more workers into the harvest.

Also here is the link to the most recent Zúme coach’s orientation.